Free Energy: Healing The Earth
by Waves Forest


Waves Forest – July 1977

Any idea that could mean a change for the better should not be cast aside merely because it seems to violate an established theory. In times past every major breakthrough we now take for granted was initially resisted, especially by those who profited from the status quo.

The true cure for any illness lies in stopping that which causes it. This applies to all creatures including this planet. Earth’s current pains can be reduced when humans behave more as a normal growth on this planet and less as alien parasites.

Clearly we would hope to remove the many unhealthy side effects of our technology without discarding the benefits. In this essay we will briefly describe emerging alternate technologies that can eliminate the causes of our ecological injuries, while even enhancing the comforts and options many of us have grown fond of.

There are a number of inventions and experimental effects which seem to disobey our present scientific “laws”. Combined with the admittedly confused and incomplete theoretical structure of modern physics, these suggest we should look closely into any phenomena which might provide a solution to our various problems. Before describing the actual hardware, a look at the overall picture might be helpful.

Today resistance to change is strengthened by the inertia of fear, and by suppressive efforts from some of the owners of giant multiple industries, with the oil/auto addiction at the core. These men are understandably frightened by any threat to their power and enormous profits. If an unlimited free energy source, which does exist, were made suddenly available without being smoothly phased into regular use, the resulting economic upheaval would make the great depression look very mild by compression. Whatever interest and experimentation is encouraged by this article is part of the overall plan to gradually raise public awareness of wiser and gentler systems than those currently in use.

Waiting to be tapped is an energy source so vast it is hard to visualize.

This is the primary, pre-material power in solution everywhere in space, even space occupied by matter; the force that feeds stars, spins galaxies and fuels smaller organisms like ourselves. It is the “ocean of electric fluid”, the medium that used to be called “ether”. It is the carrier wave of all the coarser vibrations that compose the physical universe, much the way radio waves can hold the slower patterns of sound.

When we refer to this primary fluid as a source, or a basic power with creative abilities, we mean that it is the basic clay or underlying substance that the actual creative life force forms into the physical universe. Space, the “ether” medium, is not the creative force itself, but rather the finest vibration that it generates, the “first outpouring” from which all other creations are formed. The self-aware creative force has many names, including god, life source, supreme being, infinite mind, élan vital, and spirit; the term “spirit” is probably the most widely acceptable.

Space, then, serves as a fabric to be molded by life; it is the changeable protoplasm through which physical phenomena can be expressed. It is also a buffer or transformer bridging the gap between the infinitely high energy potential of raw, static spirit, and the more fragile, vibrating lower energy events that spirit creates.

If spirit is timeless, waveless and dimensionless, it is outside the physical laws binding its creations. It is the pure being which has no wavelength, so it can manifest in physical form only by reaching down through a hierarchy-spectrum of vibration levels, from infinitely short wavelengths to immeasurably long ones spanning the radius of the universe.

This space-juice has measurable properties. It is very tenuous, with a density around 10-20 times that of water, thin enough to appear to us as a hard vacuum when it's not pretending to be air, water, earth or people.

Dr. John A. Wheeler of Princeton calculated the wavelength of the ether to be 10-32 cm.1 This is about sixty octaves above the top of the known electromagnetic spectrum, bounded by the diameter of an electron, around 5x10-13 cm across. This allows an incredibly high energy density, calculated by Wheeler to be from 1094 to 10127 watt-seconds per cubic centimeter, meaning that a tiny fraction of the energy potential in one cc of space, converted to electricity, could power entire cities.

The ether, then, penetrates even between the atoms, into the pores of matter. It moves jointly with physical bodies floating in it and dragging it along, or vice versa. This is why the famous Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 could find no “ether wind” in the direction of the earth's movement and thus caused physicists to assume there was no ether.2 They didn't consider that the local ether could be moving right along with the earth's surface.

In Sir Oliver Lodge's book, “Ether and Reality”, he stated, “If waves setting out from the sun exist in space eight minutes before striking our eyes, there must be in space some medium in which they exist and which conveys them. Waves we cannot have unless they be waves in something.”3

In Sidelights on Relativity”, Albert Einstein said: “According to the general theory of relativity, space is endowed with physical without ether is unthinkable.”4 If everything is formed by modulations of this ether, all our present energy sources are derived from secondary forms of it; why not go directly to the source?

Anyone wishing to prove for themselves the existence of etheric forces can try this experiment, described by Nobel Prize winner Paul Dirac in a letter to the editor of “Nature” magazine:

“The test procedure is simple enough. Take a clear test tube and insert a piece of sterilized cotton saturated with distilled water. Put a bean or pea in the initial stage of germination inside the tube and seal it carefully with a glass stopper and wax, making it absolutely airtight and moisture-proof.

“A careful chemical analysis of the seed which has sprouted in the test tube, as compared with an identical seed, will prove the sudden appearance of new chemical elements in the sprout not present in the original seed, which cannot be logically explained by contemporary textbook science. The mineral substance found in the sprouting seed will show a gain of 20 to 100% over the identical seed before the sprouting test. We know the tube was sterile, the water was distilled and contained no mineral substance that can penetrate the glass wall of the test tube. The only logical explanation for these surprising results is of course the assumption of the existence of formative or 'etheric' forces which are able to penetrate the molecular barrier of the material of the test tube.”

Mount Wilson astronomer Gustaf Stromberg described the formative, organizing capacity of the ether in this way:

“What can be the nature and origin of the forces which can transform inert matter into a plant, an animal, or a man? It has been found that all living things are imbedded in complex electrical fields which determine the structure and structural changes in developing organisms. The fields guide certain kinds of molecules in such a way that they fit into a preexisting complex pattern. The organizing electric fields in a fertilized egg cell apparently expand from a point of zero dimension to full size at maturity; and later in life the fields contract and dissolve, a process which we describe as death. When the fields have completely disappeared, there is no longer any organized activity. The unorganized fields inherent in all inorganic matter will quickly cause a breaking-up of fluid matter in the organism. It can be shown that these mysterious organizing fields are not 'anchored' in the matter from which the organism is built. The form-producing fields have inherent properties which can in no way be regarded as a result of the arrangement of the electrically charged particles of the incorporated matter.

On the contrary, the molecules are incorporated in a preexisting autonomous field of force, which may well be called 'a living force field'.”5

In agreement with this, it has been found that as cells in our body die and are replaced constantly, the high turnover rate provides us with a fresh set of molecules every six months or less. The water keeps changing, but the river holds its shape.

As with healing, resonance is the key principle in the solutions to most of our problems. In healing we try to drive out the discordant vibrations that are distorting the patient's normal wave patterns and lowering his vitality. The most popular approach to this is to kill the micro-organisms that generate hostile vibrations. More complete cures, however, have been obtained by removing the unnatural substances or habits that cause distortions in the energy field, and directly reinforcing the patient's vitality, strengthening its amplitude by induction or resonance with the stronger life-field of the healer.

So it is with free energy devices which couple into the stronger energy potential of the ether by resonance. Being balanced, pulsing, harmonically tuned, “living” machines, they are sustained by the same force that powers life. If everything vibrates and is composed of vibrations, the force that keeps it all going would be the highest, finest vibration, which living things “plug into” by resonance.

If free energy is what powers living organisms, and not just combustion of food, which may serve only to replenish the matter of bodies, this could explain how some animals can expend much energy for long periods of time without eating. There are salmon who swim up several hundred miles of river to spawn, never taking food after leaving the ocean. Certain hummingbirds migrate non-stop for hundreds of miles, wings beating 60 to 100 times a second, requiring far more energy than could possibly be stored in their tiny bodies. But if the pulsation of the body establishes resonance with the ether's vast potential, tapping energy directly from space, there is plenty. When you're trying to solve a problem, and you're surrounded by nature's examples of that problem solved, it makes sense to follow her directions and patterns.

During this century several inventors have developed transducers that “plug into” the primary force and produce usable voltages, as if getting energy from nowhere. Actually, the energy is already there in potential; the resonant transducers couple into it and are driven by it in the same way that windmills are powered by the wind.

T. Henry Moray was one of the pioneers of free energy physics. He was able to obtain about a thousand watts per pound of electronic apparatus of his invention. He described how his device worked:

“Oscillations by synchronization are started in the first stage of the circuit by exciting it with an external power source such as the difference of potential between two points. The circuit is then balanced through synchronization until the oscillations are sustained by harmonic coupling with the energies of the universe. The reinforcing action of the harmonic coupling increases the amplitude of the oscillations until the peak pulses 'spill' over into the next stage through special detectors or valves which then prevent the return or feedback of the energy from the preceding stage, which oscillate at a controlled frequency and which again are reinforced by harmonic coupling with the ever present energies of the cosmos. That is, the first stage drives a second stage, the second stage drives the third and so on. Additional stages are coupled on until a suitable power level at a usable frequency, voltage and amperage is obtained by means of special resonant oscillators. Once the device is in operation and delivering energy, it doeas not require the continuance of the original excitation induced by the difference of potential between two points to maintain the oscillations.

The oscillations are sustained as long as the device is completed through a suitable load.”6

In the later 1930's when major business concerns and the federal government became aware of Dr. Moray's device, President Roosevelt ordered several engineers from the Rural Elecrification Administration to work with the inventor. It soon emerged that Dr. Moray and the government engineers were not working for the same side. Moray charged that the REA was trying to sabotage his work, and then a federal engineer named Felix Frazer became enraged and smashed the device with a sledge. Dr. Moray's 20 years of research and development, and his entire fortune, were wiped out with the destruction of his device. He never recovered sufficient funds to rebuild it, and he died with his mission unfinished. Now his son heads the Research Institute, Inc. of Salt Lake City, and is trying to raise funds to rebuild that amazing generator from Dr. Moray's notes.7

Arthur Aho, in his book “Energy Unlimited, a Case for Space”, said that he worked with free energy inventor Lester Hendershot for several years developing his device, which generated 90 to 140 volts at sixty cycles in the form of a DC pulse. The frustrating thing about the Hendershot device was that it only operated when its designer was nearby (no farther away than several miles), even though possibilities of fraud were completely ruled out by investigators of the instrument. It may have been partly a psionic device, with Hendershot's proximity somehow necessary to complete the circuit. Aho described it as a living, breathing, mechanical body, caged or geared into a force outside itself. It consisted of two basket-weave coils about nine inches across, each surrounding and flush with a rewound capacitor, along with six more large capacitors and a couple of small transformers. It was started by rhythmically squeezing a soft spot on one of the capacitors.

In mid-April of 1961, Hendershot agreed to reveal every detail of construction and operation of his device in an environment including scientists and equipment needed to fully evaluate the nature of the power it generated. Before this could happen, however, Lester Hendershot died suddenly, on April 26, 1961.8

Since then, Arthur Aho, who is virtually the only man who pursued the issue after Hendershot's death, has been developing a theory to explain not only how a free energy device can function, but also how many other unexplained natural, celestial, subatomic, and metaphysiological phenomena occur. Aho feels we need a sound, comprehensive field theory which deals realistically with all the anomalies and discrepancies now threatening to topple the framework of modern science. We need this basic understanding of the force that creates the overall picture, the hidden nine tenths of the iceberg that supports what we see above the surface, before we can puzzle out the various working devices which already exist, and develop simpler, stronger versions for regular use. Art Aho's theory and evidence will be published early in 1978 under the title, “Tomorrow's Energy Need Not Be Fuel”.

Descriptions of other devices, by John Worell Keely,9 Nikola Tesla10 and others, show a wide variety of mechanical construction, but, as Aho put it, “all had two things in common: they did generate electricity without the use of fuel or loss to any of the parts, and there was an operator who used individualized methods to trigger the device into operation.”

More recently, Edwin V. Gray of Los Angeles came up with a fuelless, magnet-driven “pulsed capacitor discharge electric engine”, US patent 3,890,548. Unlike the “prime resonator” types of free energy devices, Gray's motor can be readily understood by anyone with a grasp of basic physics and electronics. One need only take the time to study the patent and think about it.

For his breakthrough Ed Gray was nominated for the “Inventor of the Year” award by the LA Patent Attorneys Association. His motor was publicly endorsed by Dr. Norm Chalfin and Dr. Gene Wester of CalTech.

Dr. Chalfin has said: “There is no motor like this in the world. Ordinary motors use continuous current and constantly drain power. In this system, energy is used only during a small fraction of a millisecond. Energy not used is returned to an accessory battery for re-use. It is cool running; there is no loss of energy in the system.”

With our government and energy corporations insisting they want to solve the energy crisis, one would expect that they would roll out the red carpet for Gray and his invention. Instead, the LA District Attorney's office raided Gray's lab, confiscated his prototype, plans and records, brought numerous false charges against him, and defied all attempts by Gray's lawyers to get his property returned. By keeping all his funds tied up in legal expenses, and blocking further production, his opponents have driven Gray into bankruptcy.9

Fortunately for the world's energy picture, a growing number of freethinking tinkerers are exploring the possibilities of free energy, in private workshops and basements all across the country. While huge federal research grants are devoured by big company contracts, privately funded (if at all) inventors are working quietly toward solving our energy “shortage”, also known as the “stupidity crisis”.

Another promising neophysics development involves some little-known electro-gravitational effects. For a survey of present theories and hardware, “The Anti-Gravity Handbook” by James E. Cox is highly recommended.11

The most readily understood approach to contra-gravity is known as the Biefield-Brown effect. Back in 1923, Thomas Townsend Brown began working with Dennison University's Professor Biefield, who was a former classmate of Einstein's in Switzerland, in experiments to understand and overcome gravity. Tests performed to find the electrical relation of gravity to charged objects proved that a charged condenser, or capacitor, suspended from a thread tended to move in the direction of its positive pole. Brown realized then that this tendency of charged condensers toward motion could grow into a new method of propulsion.

Brown constructed flying condensers shaped like saucers. A high positive charge on the leading edge caused thrust to be generated in the direction of the region of low flux density. Brown's saucers required no jets or propellers, no moving parts at all. They modified the gravity field around themselves to produce, in effect, the incline of a “hill” under the craft, which they slid down like a surfboard on a wave. Larger versions might take their own “hill”, which is a local orientation of the field around them, in any direction, at any speed, with acceleration limited only by the amount of voltage they could muster.

The electro-gravitational craft would provide great maneuverability without shaking up passengers or payload, because no outside inertial forces can reach inside the field. The local gravity anomaly excludes any centrifugal forces caused by direction changes. Also, there is no skin friction heat, since there is no air resistance. The positively charged area in front of the craft repels the air molecules away to the sides, creating a vacuum ahead of the leading edge, thus pulling it forward.12

At one point brown built a rotor with end-to-end condensers encircling it. When a charge was applied to the condensers, the wheel accelerated in the negative to positive direction. Being in an almost frictionless local field, the rotor kept accelerating until voltage had to be reduced because of the danger that it would fly apart.13

Townsend Brown was granted several US patents and his work was ignored. A discovery that could render most present-day aircraft obsolete is not likely to be met with great joy by the aircraft industry. The same lack of interest greeted the Northrop Corporation's announcement in 1968 that windtunnel experiments with charged models indicated that sonic booms could be eliminated, with strong positive charges on the leading edges of conventional aircraft wings. They found that “electro-aerodynamics” not only removed shock-wave booms, but also greatly reduced turbulence, fuselage stress and fuel consumption, because of the cancelled wind resistance.14 One danger of introducing such a concept to the aircraft manufacturers is that someone might realize they could discard the existing propulsion system and simply use a higher voltage on the leading edge.

Back in 1964 George Van Tassel described a hovercraft type of vehicle that had been tested in Detroit. The car floated about three feet off the ground and didn't require paved or even graded roads. Instead of a big fan, the craft used a strong electrostatic force field to form the air cushion. The entire outside hull carried a charge, so that the field enclosed the rounded front and sides of the car, creating a deflector screen to repel any solid objects threatening collision.

Engineers testing two of these cars tried to make them crash and couldn't do it; their repellant fields caused them to veer aside instead of impacting. Visualize holding two very powerful round-ended magnets and trying to force their north poles together, and you get the idea. It would be nice to know that if a child or animal ran in front of your vehicle, it would be blown to the side as if by a strong wind instead of crushed by metal. A driver of such a car could be incapacitated, colliding with everything in sight, yet still avoid causing any injuries because of the wrap-around cushion field.

In this country alone, over fifteen million people are on record as having seen UFOs. Those who have described their movements in the air say they seem to defy our so-called laws of gravity in that they move many times faster than sound, but with no shock-wave booms, often stopping and changing directions at high acceleration, apparently unbound by inertial forces. A possible verification of something like the Biefield-Brown effect being used by some alien craft is the high voltage corona around them, and disturbance of electro-magnetic devices near the sightings.15

Alien or not, the fact that such space drive systems have been witnessed should indicate that we don't know everything about how to move around, and that we too could be using such means of transportation. The reason for congested, polluted urban areas will disappear when we graduate from slow, wasteful modes of transportation that require continuous human proximity.

One would expect to find principles this basic used in nature, and sure enough, several discrepancies that have long baffled zoologists might be explained in terms of the Biefield-Brown effect. Dolphins, for example, have often been observed and filmed coasting for some distance underwater at the same high speed as their initial thrust, as if they were somehow nullifying the drag of the water.16 Likewise, Peregrine falcons have been clocked diving at speeds over 200 mph, which should have blown their feathers right off. This prompted researchers to strap miniature air speed indicators to the birds' shoulders, in order to double check. Although their speed relative to the ground was still over 200 mph, their air speedometers showed that air moving past the bird never exceeded 80 mph.17 In both cases these animals may be altering their bioelectric fields to produce a strong positive charge ahead of their bodies, thereby inducing the respective fluids they move through to slide past much more easily. Could this also be how bumblebees can persistently defy the aerodynamicists' calculations?

There are several major pieces of evidence that antigravity may have been used by past civilizations to move and place huge stones. The inner chamber of the Great Pyramid, for example, is composed of over a hundred huge multi-ton stone blocks quarried from a place hundreds of miles away, and set in place with greater precision than even our present technology could manage. Yet most Egyptologists blandly assume that this feat was accomplished by massed slave labor, using block-and-tackle and logs to move the stones.

There on record numerous cases of levitation of persons and objects. Oliver Leroy's 1928 book “Levitations” documents several hundred such incidents. Couldn't whatever force is involved be applied to much heavier things? At least two of the private antigravity research projects in this country reportedly have a system that levitates any mass of uniform substance by vertically aligning the axes of spin of the atoms. The geared field they use lines up the poles of atomic structure, the way a magnet polarizes molecular structure. Without the randomness of atomic spin to hold onto, the earth's charge no longer attracts the mass. Perhaps this approach could be scaled up and used to end droughts, by capturing freshwater icebergs and levitating them into the stricken areas, where they could provide a continuous supply while melting. With free energy, we'd be operating with an unlimited power source.

It is appropriate that the solutions to our physical problems should emerge at the same time as our spiritual metamorphosis. It is also fitting that these solutions should involve harmonizing with nature, literally, as has been encouraged by the sages of many cultures.

A clear example of this is the application of resonance principles to the growing of plants. It turns out that a plant's size, health, growth and taste can be greatly increased by a strong field of harmonious, encouraging, healthful wave patterns. Controlled experiments have shown that crop yield, quality and pest resistance are considerably enhanced by reinforcing the plants' vitality with pulsing energy fields tuned to their optimum wavelengths.18 A plant's nutrition apparently depends more on the presence of beneficial vibrations than on raw chemical elements. Fertility may be a function of of how the ground “feels”.

There are some areas that support rich, varied plant life despite the soil's apparent lack of necessary minerals. Much farmland has been rendered barren through faulty agricultural practices, especially the heavy application of chemical “fertilizers” and pesticides. It is recognized that plants can digest bare rock; that's how they started out originally. It may be that synthetic fertilizers atrophy a healthy plant's normal ability to transmute19 the needed minerals from what's available, making them dependent on an increasingly unbalanced, artificial chemical situation. The resulting deficiency of trace elements could be the reason why so much of our produce seems to have less flavor than we remember from years ago, and why so many crops are less resistant to pests and diseases. The farmers who deal with weakened plants by throwing on more chemical fertilizers and pesticides are caught in a vicious spiral.

Some places on earth have such a good “vibe” that plants growing there are much taller and healthier than others of the same species a few miles away in similar soil. And we have at least one well-documented case of a group of people who harmonize so well and generate such healthful, loving vibrations that a huge variety of plants are growing exuberantly at their place in Findhorn, Northern Scotland, in soil more barren and climate more harsh than most of those plants are normally able to handle.20 With only our present arable land we could end starvation worldwide by fullscale application of harmonious agriculture principles now being discovered.21 For a detailed survey of this and many related developments, “The Secret Life of Plants” by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins is highly recommended.

We described earlier how field effects could be used to suspend inerta and make possible nearly uncrashable air or land vehicles. That this would eliminate thousands of injuries and deaths each year hardly needs pointing out. Another thing that hospitalizes or kills countless people, and allows millions of unnecessary offenses against the animal kingdom, is gunfire.

Might the emerging new science offer a harmless method of neutralizing firearms?

Independent electronics experimenters who wish to reduce this long-standing threat to public safety are encouraged to extend the principles described here toward the development of gunjammers. These would be tuned, pulsing field generators designed to either make gunpowder think it's wet, or instantly slow down incoming projectiles.

The first approach would use sympathetic resonance, creating a field tuned to the frequency at which water molecules resonate, around 23 billion cycles per second. This would be modulated by the wave patterns that occur when water blocks the oxidizing spaces in gunpowder, then amplified and broadcast to jam all firearms within the field's radius. If we look, we may find other field effects that can neutralize the more sophisticated explosives, overriding the electrochemical conditions that would normally allow them to detonate.

Another idea would be to produce a shield field that quickly absorbs excess kinetic energy from any object entering the field at a dangerous velocity, cancelling its inertia and slowing it to a harmless speed. Before dismissing this suggestion outright, consider that the widely reported electrogravitational craft (UFOs) must be creating some such effect to protect against meteor impacts. So it has to be at least theoretically possible.

Whichever method is eventually proven effective, it's better than using, say, a collimated microwave beam to preemptively set off someone's ammo.

And enormously better than getting shot.

The inventors behind the work described in this report are potentially doing more for world peace than a whole roomful of Nobel Prizewinners.

If there are fewer available means of killing each other off, the threat of war is obviously reduced. And people are less motivated to fight if their needs for food and energy are met.

These breakthroughs need all the help they can get; no government will support this research. The conviction that other nations will attack us as soon as we fall behind in the arms race is too deeply entrenched in government minds. The huge multinational corporations that provide weaponry to any side with money are growing far too wealthy to be willing to quit now. If the world's nations are afraid to disarm voluntarily, maybe it's going to take some joker playing with field effects, rendering their weapons harmless. It's an appealing idea, rather like taking matches away from little children.

The only objection to the demise of firearms that deserves a response is that police forces are used to having a physical threat backing up their authority. However if the suppression of alternatives to scarcity are lifted, we can expect to see a huge reduction in crime. And for those who still turn violent and need to be brought under control, using some type of “stun-gun” would be more sensible than blowing holes in them. This could be anything from fast-acting knockout darts, to high-density capacitors fired at non-lethal speeds, with short prongs in front to deliver a temporary disabling charge.

Or we might use yet another type of field effect, projecting vibrations of the same shape and frequency as the brainwaves accompanying sleep, inducing unconsciousness through sympathetic resonance. Any of these approaches would avoid causing casualties among innocent bystanders caught in a crossfire, and help get police forces back on track as protectors of public safety, instead of dangers to it.

There is another extension of the gunjammer ideas that could be highly beneficial. If we can suppress combustion with tuned dampening fields, why not crank up the voltage and blot out entire forest fires? One fact established years ago that hasn't been followed up on, is that a piece of paper with a torch aimed at it will not burn or even scorch if it's carrying a strong negative charge.12 In view of this and the other approaches listed above, we could save millions of trees, man-hours and homes each year if we have fire-suppressing field broadcasters on hand, ready to stop burns before they get serious.

By now it should be clear that a central purpose of this essay is to encourage readers to start playing around with some of the phenomena described here. In this way, with many people independently experimenting with these ideas, we can finally make devices utilizing free energy and special application field technologies publicly available.

The combined effects of the developments we've examined here promise relief to our mistreated ecology and a vast improvement in the quality and interest of our lives. It may be just as well that this information has been held back until recently, until more people can be responsible and ethical enough to handle it. The immense socio-economic implications of free energy and “harmonitronics” are beyond the scope of this article, but clearly no one would be unaffected.

Our schools still teach there are no perpetual motion machines, even though we're all basically living on one. But some deep, fundamental force is shaping and spinning galaxies, multi-concentric whirlpools in the ocean of space, and has been doing so for a long time. It wells up from within everywhere. Sooner or later we will use it, go directly to the source, and grow up. By observing and following the patterns used by the wisdom that created us and all that awes us, we can leave behind the problems stunting our growth. It doesn't seem likely that nature's design is for creatures to attain a certain degree of sentience and then blow up or smother in their own garbage. Now “homo sap” can finally earn the rest of his name and awaken that 96% unused potential we keep hearing about, and use the basic forces instead of struggling against them.

Eventually, we might transcend the need for any machines at all, even those described here. At this point there are more questions than answers.

Is it possible we can achieve enough control over the power behind the appearance of the world to suspend our agreed-on reality by direct force of “will”, and increase our options to the degree that Carlos Castaneda has suggested?22 What is the central factor or quality that enables some individuals to bypass our familiar limits, and accomplish the “miracles” that are studied as paraphysics in the US and psychotronics in Russia?23 Telepathy, psycho-kinesis, clairvoyance, spontaneous healing, fire-walking, pain-and-freeze resistance, out-of-the-body experiences and levitation have all been amply documented.24 Could abilities demonstrated by any human be latent, although perhaps atrophied, in all of us? For that matter, is the common dream of flying without any aircraft a racial memory of forgotten skills?

Don Shimoda said, “Argue for your limitations and sure enough you get to keep them.”25 We have no idea where our final limitations lie, or even if we have any. But when we try to project ahead the hyperbolic curve of our accelerating advancement so far, the “mind” boggles. In the midst of a new scientific revolution, the increasing interest in syntheology, and a multi-faceted spiritual renaissance, practical applications of psionics and thaumaturgy are finally getting developed and clarified. Will magic and sorcery come into their own after all? It should be remembered that any sufficiently advanced technologies look like magic to those limited to more primitive ones.

One thing is certain: without some of these fundamental changes being made in our dealings with our planet, we'll be going the way of the dinosaurs. If the prospect of extinction does not appeal to us, let's take a fair look at any possible solutions we may have overlooked. Perhaps then we can open all this up into a more fun game than it presently seems to be, and unfold the heaven-on-earth that has been prophesied for the coming age.


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